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dammit gagsy

2010-08-26 16:08:05 by Mechabloby

stop posting with my account

also firefox is utter rubbish

I had an issue with my computer as maybe two of you may know and this issue caused me and the rest of the people residing in this rather humble home of mine to think about purchasing a new computer (literally, this PC is going to be about 9 years old soon). It's a relief that we don't need to buy a new computer as, well, we're not the wealthiest bunch out there. I managed to sort out this issue with my computer only this evening so that's definitely relieved me from some stress.

Long story short: I'll be spending my weekend getting my files back on to the PC from a back-up source. Oh, how enthralling a tale that shall be; I shall share with you all about the horiffic event that was the downfall and the poignant and heartfelt battle that was the rising up. Yes, oh how I shall share this with you... in a million years.

haha, charade you are.

New header or whatever.

2010-06-30 10:06:13 by Mechabloby


Give us a vote and even a review!

Hope you like it.

The Movie Scene Collab.

2010-04-08 16:54:24 by Mechabloby


The concept is simple: I've asked the forum if they can recreate a scene from their favourite (or their most hated) film and then give it their own twist.

I created the menu for this collab a while ago -- click here to see it.

Opinions will be highly appreciated. If you're interested, why not join in?

Thank you for taking your time to check it out.

Throbbing Gristle.

2010-04-07 04:19:44 by Mechabloby

Possibly my favourite by Throbbing Gristle.

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Due to the issue that my wallpaper folder caused last week (after uploading it to, it ended up being over 1GB in size meaning people would have to pay for the download), I decided to split my wallpaper folder in half which means that it is now free.

Wallpaper Folder Part 1

Wallpaper Folder Part 2

This folder contains:
- Pink Floyd
- General music wallpapers
- Technology
- Seasonal wallpapers
- Photography
- Movie Wallpapers
- Gore
- Anime Wallpapers
- Contemporary art
- Gothica
- Minimalism
- Philosophical wallpapers
- i dunno, a lot... seriously

I hope you guys enjoy this.

My Wallpaper Folder UPDATED - Now It's Free!

Oasis Gig Was Awesome - ALL The Details.

2009-06-07 12:12:10 by Mechabloby

I am completely knackered from that Oasis gig - when I got in last night at around about 4am, I stank of booze and weed, and I wasn't drinking or smoking. Beer was flying every five seconds - literally - and everyone was fucking mental... although, this was Manchester.

Ah, the gig was brilliant, though. Most people I had talked to about this gig were annoyed as they thought they'd be playing nothing but their new stuff from Dig Out Your Soul. Fucking wrong - they played all the classics and only two songs from Dig Out Your Soul (Falling Down and The Shock Of Lightning). They opened up with The Shock Of Lightning and finished off with Champagne Supernova.

Supporting groups were great too, and everyone was just as hyped up for them too. The Enemy did a brilliant performance; Kasabian got everyone going, Free Peace was hated just because they're scouse (trust me, though: they're worth listening. it's like psychedelic soul rock. Think Led Zeppelin but from Liverpool), and Twister Wheel - if I'm honest - were not great, but they still got the Mancs going.

One of the rowdiest audiences I have ever been a part of, which is pretty shite, really, as they cared more about throwing beers, shoes, jackets and fighting than actually listening to the music and watching the show. Just after Oasis started playing, I got out of there as I just couldn't bother with the pushing and shoving anymore. That was the only real downfall to that day - rest of the gig was fucking brilliant.

I gained a bit more respect for the Gallaghers that day, too. Good gig was good, etc. etc. Oh, we also saw Paul Weller in the audience too (seriously). People kept shouting "FUCK, IT'S PAUL WELLER" and I was right next to him. What do I do? I don't shake his hand, but I just take a photo and act like some crazed fan. Yay. :]

Anyways, pics coming soon - can't get them onto the computer until tomorrow, so just wait pls thnx omg.

TL;DR? I did a poo on your mum.

Edit: It's Paul Weller. More photos here.

Oasis Gig Was Awesome - ALL The Details.

New release: super happy fun life

2008-06-15 01:40:11 by Mechabloby

Watch, review, vote and fuck my goat.

I noticed how some people thought the song was completely irrelevant to the whole animation so I thought I might as well conjure up an explanation to this animation. If you've not seen it yet, please don't read on.









I made black and white represent hatred and depression - the cuboids were hate and the small people were depressed. While the first bit of hate was disposed of, it released a huge burden on the human race - not all of it, mind you. Just partially, for the moment. This managed to build up the courage of two people who had crushes on each other for a rather long time now, to stand up for themselves and do ask each other out. They changed colour when their emotions have changed.

The suicide scene is pretty self-explanatory, too. If we disposed of hate, people wouldn't become depressed and end up committing suicide so that scene was pretty much just a turn back time moment. He was given a second chance as it wasn't his fault and now he can lead a happy life.

I know this could all just sound imaginary as the world out there will not change but at least we can try and make a difference, and hell, it'd help. The meaning behind the flash is simple: if you tolerate hate, then the ones you love shall suffer, next. That'll cause you to suffer.

Might as well stand up for yourself, eh?